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Do you have doubts about whether you are actually the biological parent of a child? Or has your paternity been legally questioned?

When parties who are unmarried have a child, and disputes arise over the establishment of paternity, custody, visitation and support, the type of suit filed depends on the status of the father. In the state of Georgia Paternity law deals with the legal relationship between a father and a child, including the rights and obligations of both the man and the child to each other as well as to others. A child’s paternity may be relevant in relation to issues of legitimacy, inheritance and rights to a putative father’s title or surname, as well as the biological father’s rights to custody and obligations for child support.

Whether you are interested in DNA evidence to prove or disprove paternity, or you are interested in collecting or defending against child support payments, Atlanta paternity attorney Karen Brown-Williams recognizes the interests of both the mother and the father in establishing paternity.

Paternity and Child Support

If you are pregnant or have given birth to a child and are seeking to establish paternity to enforce your rights to child support. let us explore all of your options and alternatives to effectively establish paternity and assert your rights to the financial assistance you and your child need.

Paternity and Visitation

If you are a biological father but have not yet established your parental rights to visitation and even custody, we will fight hard to assert and protect your rights to visitation. The Williams Firm P.C. will take every necessary legal action to do what is best for you and your child.

Paternity Defense Representation

If you are involved in a paternity dispute in Georgia and you are seeking to defend yourself against a paternity establishment, you need aggressive legal representation to protect your rights. If you believe that you may not be the father of the child, Atlanta paternity attorney Karen Brown-Williams can help you obtain the required DNA test to demonstrate your case. Do not wait to assert your rights or you may be forced to pay child support payments for a child that is not yours.

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