Our firm focuses on serving the individual in difficult cases involving families.

Some couples many be able to conceive, but genetics may make the risk associated with conception unattractive. Still others may have children from a prior marriage and wish to formalize and cement the parent and child relationship with the new spouse. Some families have children of their own, but respond to the need of a child without a family and wish to add such a child to their own familial unit.

Whatever the beginning, the successful solution for family and child may be an adoption.

Adoptions take many forms and can occur in many family settings. Step parent adoptions, family adoptions, third party adoptions, international adoptions are just a small list of the many forms and circumstances in which adoption is the proper solution for the child and the family.

To help you determine whether adoption is the right choice for you and your family, you will need an experienced family law professional to chart your course through the adoption decision making process. We will help you to determine if adoption is right for you, and then help you to determine the correct course to ensure the seamless addition of a new family member to your family unit.